A Touch of Glass from Google

Lately we’ve been nattering on about the importance of knowing your customers and how they are finding you in today’s digital landscape, as you can see, but we’ve been meaning to blog for a while now about the burgeoning innovation of Google Glass, because to be honest, we’re very excited.

In case you haven’t heard, Google Glass is a rather hi-tech eyewear device, allowing for all the digital interactivity of a smartphone or tablet through the lenses of a nifty pair of specs, controlled through a mix of ever-so slight touches and verbal voice commands; ‘ok glass’ is all you have to say to start the conversation. Pretty cool, right?

While interactive eyewear is undoubtedly a huge step forward in terms of the user-experience, it’s not so different from voice control apps like Siri and Google Voice Search, where we interact verbally with the A.I. on our phones, tablets or laptops; so we think we’re more than ready to start talking to our spectacles. Anyway, you can see Google Glass in action in the video below…

So what are your thoughts? For us, we like the hands-free-ness of it all; wearable technology is really coming to the fore, and the Sony SmartWatch and Apple iWatch also deserve honourable mentions, although right now Google Glass is certainly the head honcho.

On top of this, we anticipate that the glasses will have a massive impact on sharing and social situations; in the video above, we see someone playing the ukulele whilst streaming live to their partner via Google Glass; that’s pretty neat, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg, we thoroughly expect to see live feeds of people climbing Kilimanjaro, taking their new Ferrari for a spin, or jumping out of airplanes going viral across social media, to name a few examples. Google Glass will take content creation to new, dizzy heights – you can get a pretty good idea of what we mean here.

Recently, we’ve talked about the benefits of businesses seeing through the eyes of their customers, and this is exactly what Google Glass enables them to do, provided they follow their customers on social media, which is something they should be doing.

But of course, Google Glass may not be for everyone, and there have been some objections. Research shows that some consider them an expensive and unnecessary distraction, as beta models have cost developers as much as $1500 to test, and as far as we’re aware, they aren’t essential to our survival. However, the overwhelmingly positive response online tells us that they’re going to be a big hit when they finally hit the shelves; they’re fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However things go down, we’d love to know how you’re feeling about Google Glass. They’re one of the most talked about, tweeted, shared, and generally buzz generating topics of 2013, and we expect to see them penetrate mainstream culture sometime in 2014, which, for tech nuts like us, can’t come soon enough.

…they’re going to be a grand slam! (forgive us, we’re really into Wimbledon at the moment).

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