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Hey guys, it’s been a little while. Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year (we sure did) and have just about managed to let go of the fact that Christmas is another year away (we’re getting there we promise).

Anyway, we’ve been very busy since taking down our seasonal décor and sticking the tree back in the box, and are proud to announce the launch of a brand new website for digital aviation specialists, skybook aviation cloud.

You may have heard a while back that we did some rebranding and design work for skybook, but we didn’t stop there; we’ve been working closely together to design and develop a new website that positively reflects and communicates their brand, values and offering to their global audience.

Graphic showing the skybook website on different devices, including an iphone, macbook air, and ipad. Website design lincolnshire, web design lincoln.

With over 30 years of aviation software innovation and a wealth of experience, skybook comes with a history steeped in pioneering technology and evolutionary thinking, which made this project all the more exciting to work on.

How could we translate all of this history into something fresh and modern that would still reflect their brand and speak to their audience?

Tell their story

You may already know that we’re strong advocates of storytelling in web design, so it made sense to use the website to tell the story of skybook. We’ve talked in the past about how companies can use their About page to engage with their audience rather than simply supplying stale, routine information, so this is something we wanted to achieve for skybook.

Why not have a look for yourself to see what we’re talking about. Do you think we’ve captured the rich history behind the brand?

Think about the people

So what else could we do? Having done a bit of research, looking at other companies in the aviation industry where everything’s very much driven by the software or the product, we decided it was time to stop thinking of skybook as ‘aviation software’ and start thinking of the people behind skybook and the purpose behind the brand.

At a company with such a diverse range of personalities, including developers, creatives, the quirky and the logical, it just made sense to show all of this off. Not to mention that they all come highly qualified and have worked on a number of impressive projects, including many firsts for the aviation industry.

Screenshot of Meet the Team profiles on the skybook About Us page. Shows 3 members of staff. Web design Lincoln.

Focus on the user experience

In the complicated and potentially daunting realm of aviation software, develop a website that focuses on usability and the user experience. We didn’t want to overcomplicate things, from our experiences of working on a range of eCommerce websites we’ve learned that the simpler you can make the customer journey from entering a website to making a purchase, the better chance you have of conversion.

So with a range of modules, the skybook website makes it clear and simple on how to get started. For example, if you are interested in their Flight Briefing module, you will be taken to an identical but adapted contact form so that you can upload your OFP (Optimised Flight Plan) – which is just one of the steps to getting started using skybook.

However, while making the flow of the site simple and effortless it is not to say that this impacts on the user experience; as you’ll see for yourself, we have stuck to our guns on web design techniques and trends that we know have an engaging and attention-grabbing impact on visitors, so that skybook can direct them to the content they want them to see.

Our Creative Director explains:

‘the skybook you see today not only has the same high quality of data, but is now communicated through a super simple to use, responsive front-end. It doesn’t matter what device you’re on, the quality is constant.’

Using video

Finally, a first for one of our websites. Rather than the traditional still banner image, we’ve gone for interactive, dynamic videos to include in the banners on the Homepage and About page. As we were looking to set skybook apart from other aviation technology outfits, we believed that using eye-catching video imagery that also reinforced the messages skybook were looking to get across would be effective in achieving this.

The end result

A brand new website that communicates something new to the aviation industry – a brand fuelled by people, rather than processes, products and operations. A breath of fresh air, that still maintains the same brand values that make skybook great in the first place.

Anyway, enough from us! See the new site for yourself at www.skybook.aero and as always let us know what you think.

And if you’d like to learn more, please visit our portfolio page.

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