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One of the biggest oversights we come across working with SME’s is the lack of an on-going marketing strategy to help raise brand awareness and build long lasting relationships with their target audience.

If you’ve been in business over the past few years you’ll have witnessed the digital explosion that has hit the way we live, the way we shop, the way we communicate, the way we do…well, just about everything.

Now, if you are a traditional business owner then the world of mobile, social media, local search, tablets, content, search engines, optimisation, social engagement might be a little baffling, especially if you don’t understand how these new digital tools benefit your business and how they relate to the bottom line. Help is at hand as we aim to demystify this often confusing new landscape and help you understand the latest digital tools and how they can make a positive impact on your brand.

SEO: because 80% of people online use search engines to find local businesses

Thanks to search engines, finding the right supplier can be as easy as typing in the service they require and hitting search, so achieving a high rank in Google has never been more relevant. Unless you’re Nike or Coca Cola, it’s naïve to assume that customers will search for your brand name. It’s more realistic to try and think about what ‘customer need’ your business fulfils and therefore what search term would a potential customer make in the first place to result in them finding you.

The immense power of the search engine puts the power in the hands of the consumer.

This is where clever SEO strategy comes in. We start by carrying out a full technical and content audit of your websites to see how you’re currently performing and to spot any gaps in how Google is indexing your site. Next, we help by creating content that not only aims to entice and excite your customers into action, but is also delivered in a way search engines understand and respond to improve organic ranking through specifically targeted keywords.


Social Media: because 71% of social media users say they are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow online

Ever since social media channels started to pick up momentum just a few short years ago, the voice of the consumer has become more powerful than ever – and boy are they using it. Brands now have the opportunity to create a unique voice for their company and most importantly to start conversations which hadn’t been there before. By really listening to their audience, understanding their needs, behaviours and attitudes, brands can use powerful insights to become more customer driven and build long lasting, meaningful relationships with their customers.

Nothing has changed the way we interact with brands quite like social media.

Bottom line is the public are craving interaction with their favourite brands, so if you’re not getting involved in the conversation, chances are another company will be. At Mediademon we have in house social media experts who have built up years of experience helping businesses get the most out of their social activity and can help you with everything from integrated social campaigns to a one-to-one social workshop to help you on your social journey.

Responsive Email Marketing: because 55% of all companies can attribute more than 10% of their total sales to email marketing

When we talk about email marketing, most individuals will almost instantly think of the dreaded spam email – and why wouldn’t they? At some point or another, all of us have been bombarded by emails from companies we’ve never heard of, for products we don’t need and in a way that feels cold and impersonal. In fact nothing has us searching for the unsubscribe button quicker than an untargeted, mass email. But how about when it is from a brand we know and like, for products we’d definitely be interested in, in a way which makes us feel valued and understood as consumers? Enter targeted email marketing. In amongst all these shiny new digital tools, email marketing is an activity which often gets overlooked.

Done the right way, email marketing can not only increase the conversion rate of your website, but also build relationships and generate interest among your current and potential customers.

We have a deep understanding of what makes your customers click and have years of experience helping businesses make an impact through their inbox.

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