Our eCommerce Services: helping you make an impact with your audience since 2004

For consumers, buying online is quick, convenient and accessible 24/7. With busier lifestyles, longer working hours, and simply not enough time in the day, you can see why consumers are turning to their PC’s and tablets when they need to make that purchase. With this growing trend of savvy online shoppers, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are seeing the massive opportunities that come with growing their business online and reaching a wider audience with their products through eCommerce.

More than a third of UK consumers – 38 percent – buy something online at least once a month

At Mediademon it is our duty to ensure your eCommerce website does everything it can to engage with your audience and convert that breezy visitor into a loyal customer. We’ve been designing and developing eCommerce websites for brands across the UK for 10 years so we know what it takes to ensure businesses are fully equipped to take the digital world by storm. So, how do we do this…

68% of people will leave a website if it does not provide them with a good experience.

We offer great experiences

It’s a harsh truth that 68% of people will leave a website if it does not provide them with a good experience. If you make it even slightly difficult for your audience to find the products they are looking for, you can bet they won’t be buying from you. Our experts in user experience and buyer behaviour know what it takes to turn visitors into customers and have the analytics to prove it. They will ensure your site includes clear and user friendly navigation which helps to minimise clicks and scrolls, strong calls to action to prompt your customers to add to basket and a professional design which effectively communicates your brand image and makes your visitors feel confident in your company.


We think about your mobile audience

With a potential 50 million mobile device users in the UK alone, you can’t ignore the importance of your mobile audience. In the ever growing digital world, more and more consumers are buying on the go and simply do not have the time for a clunky design in which they have to swipe and pinch in and out of the screen to view your products. With 61% of mobile customers admitting that they are likely to go to a competitor site after visiting a mobile unfriendly site, it has never been more relevant to cater to your mobile audience. Our responsive approach means your online store will adapt to the behaviour of your mobile users, providing larger, more legible text, faster upload speeds and optimised icons and components to make it easier for your customer click, navigate and most importantly buy from your site without compromising on design and impact.

61% of mobile customers admitting that they are likely to go to a competitor site after visiting a mobile unfriendly site

We make you visible

When over 80% of people use search engines to find the products they are looking for, it’s not a bad place to show up. All of our eCommerce websites come with an excellent level of SEO as standard to give your online store the best chance possible of being seen by your target market. We research your industry and use our knowledge of search behaviour to find the most effective keywords and meta data to apply to your site prior to launch.

We help you spread the word

We know the important role social media plays in spreading the word about your brand and products. That’s why all our sites come with social sharing tools so that your customers can share your products, services and content with their friends and followers to promote brand advocacy and referrals to your site. We also include features like company blogs and newsfeeds so whether you’re special offers and promotions, competitions or just a friendly update, you can create a unique voice and content for your brand that is perfect for sharing with your social community and boosting your SEO keywords.

We give you the tools to start your journey

All of our sites are designed and constructed to provide you with the tools to manage the administration and content of your new site making everything from processing orders to updating products a breeze.

Let’s have a chat

So if you’re ready to take your online presence to the next level or just want to bounce some ideas around, we’d love to meet you for a coffee and an informal chat to get the ball rolling. Get in touch here.