Our Gateway to Digital Scheme: helping small businesses succeed online

This week at Mediademon towers, we’re more than a little bit excited about the official launch of our Gateway to Digital Scheme which provides small retail businesses the opportunity to start selling their products online without a large initial investment in an eCommerce website.

At Mediademon our passion has always been about providing great digital services to help small businesses excel. Unfortunately for many small business owners, taking those first steps into the world of online retail can be costly with many shying away from the numerous opportunities that growing their business online holds.

That’s why we developed our Gateway to Digital scheme so that we could not only help small businesses start their online journey, but to nurture and reward; them as they grow.

Start selling beyond your shop window…

So why start selling online in the first place? Let me tell you a story about our friend Ben. Ben had a tea shop in Lincoln selling some of the finest teas and coffees the world had to offer to local people. Ben’s business is housed in a stunning listed building in the heart of the historic city, filled with over 400 different types of tea and coffee in every flavour imaginable. His passion for his products was evident throughout everything he did from his carefully planned shop displays, to the beautifully designed packaging for his loose tea. Ben soon began to enjoy a stream of loyal customers who shared his passion for fine teas and coffee, with people travelling from miles around to sample his products.

Soon Ben hit a problem. He wanted to grow the business further and had always had plans for a second shop, maybe even a third or fourth. However with only so many tea and coffee lovers in the Lincolnshire area he would have to set up elsewhere in order to reach new customers. That meant new premises, more bills, more staff and starting from scratch all over again.

Then in 2007 we stepped in and opened Ben up to the wonderful opportunities of ecommerce. Instead of opening up a new shop, Ben could set up an ecommerce website to sell his products online allowing him to reach new customers whilst continuing to operate in Lincoln. A few months later Ben was selling to tea and coffee lovers up and down the UK from the back room of his shop. People anywhere in the world could now browse through Ben’s products, enter their payment details, select a delivery option and get tea and coffee delivered straight to their door.

That was 7 years ago now, and Imperial Teas of Lincoln is now one of the most popular online tea retailers in the UK. Ben was also our first Gateway to Digital customer.


How does it work?

Gateway to Digital uses our very own payment gateway MDpay, developed and managed in-house exclusively for our ecommerce customers. The way the scheme works is that we provide an ecommerce website at a highly reduced price to help small businesses and start-ups to create an impactful and functional online presence which may not have been possible within their original budget. We then recoup the cost of development through a small percentage of online sales meaning our customers don’t pay unless they are selling.

What are the benefits?

  • Peace of mind – With MDpay, you can have confidence that all payments taken through your site are secure to the highest standard and that your customer’s personal data is fully protected.
  • Everything under one roof – Our payment gateway is totally integrated with your ecommerce website so no need to hop between companies to manage your payments, at Mediademon everything is under one roof.
  • Low initial investment – Our reduced upfront costs are perfect for small businesses and start-ups who won’t settle for a budget, no-frills site but who don’t have the budget to splash out on the usual upfront costs for an eCommerce site.
  • Receive rewards when you sell more – We offer a range of digital marketing tools and added extras for growing businesses to help you get the most out of your online presence. See details below.
  • Fast and friendly support – You won’t have to go through a series of automated voice recordings to get through to one of our team. At Mediademon our friendly team is available to take your MDpay queries 24hours a day.

Gateway to Digital Rewards

One of the biggest advantages of choosing our scheme is the rewards businesses receive as their online store grows. Each year, we will review your online performance to see how you’ve been getting on. If your sales have dramatically improved, you could be rewarded with a number of extra digital services to help boost your online presence even further. We can provide email marketing management, social media services, design upgrades and SEO services. Not only that but we will also reduce our processing fees as your sales grow so that you can enjoy more of your profit the more you sell.

Want to find out more? Have a chat with one of our friendly team to find out if your business is eligible for the scheme and start your online journey. Click here to get in touch