How are customers finding your business in today’s digital world?

If you’ve been in business over the past few years you’ll have witnessed the digital explosion that has hit the way we live, the way we shop, the way we communicate, the way we do…well, just about everything.

If you are a traditional business owner then the world of mobile, social media, local search, tablets, content, search engines, optimisation, social engagement might be a little baffling, especially if you don’t understand how these new digital tools benefit your business and how they relate to the bottom line. Perhaps, it’s time to relook at the journeys your customers are taking to find your business so that you can understand what these new tools can do for you.

Did you know 80% of purchasing decisions are made online?

Customers search on need, not a business

Unless you’re Nike or Coca Cola, it’s naïve to assume that customers will search on your brand name. It’s more realistic to try and think about what ‘customer need’ your business fulfils and therefore what search would a potential customer make in the first place to result in them finding you? In the past this meant heaps of WORK for the customer and significant EXPENSE for you – Yellow Pages, High Street signage, local newspaper advertising, PR campaigns or exhibitions.

Image of a dog holding a newspaper to represent the customer search for businesses, SEO

Today is wholly different. With access to the internet from so many different sources, consumers can search quicker, more easily and so much more efficiently and access more results than ever before.

The immense power of the search engine puts the power in the hands of the consumer. Finding the right supplier can be as easy as typing in the service they require and hitting search.

Did you know over 80% of online users use search engines to find local businesses?

Consumers use Google and other search engines many times a day from their desktop, mobile or tablet, from different locations. Consumers can access search sites whenever and wherever they are, thanks to increasing broadband speeds, free wi-fi and hotspots so whilst traveling or walking around a town. Many search engines like Google are smart and present personalised results depending on location and past searches so require minimum input from the customer whilst delivering maximum targeted results.

Image of dog holding an iPad on Google to represent digital era of search and SEO

Did you know 90% of people research a product or service online before purchasing in store?

So what does this mean for you? In short, that Google can do great things for your business by signposting consumers to your products and services at their exact point of need.

That’s if Google knows where you are and understands what you stand for.

In today’s technology-enabled world, we’ve seen the rise of the ultra-connected consumer. That means decision makers using multiple devices, multiple times a day so they are in touch and easily addressable. These savvy consumers want information and they want it now. People are no longer willing to wait, to search long and hard for the product or service they need. Consumers want information instantly and to be able to act when they find it – that means calling, emailing, booking, buying at the point of need.

Can you deliver what your customer wants, exactly how and when they want it? If not be afraid. Be very afraid if your competitors can, because the powerful, ultra connected contemporary consumer will not keep clicking through page after page of search results until they find you.

Did you know Google alone serves over 1billion search queries daily?

Image of dog typing on a keyboard to represent keyword and search terms

3 instant ways to test business in search

  1. Become your own potential customer.
  2. Type a term into Google that you think potential customers would use to find your business type, industry or your most popular products and services (i.e. Beauty Salon, Lincolnshire / Car Hire, Grimsby / Restaurants, Hull).
  3. Benchmark your performance against these 3 things:
  • Did you appear in the top 3?
  • Did you appear on the first page?
  • Did you appear before your main competitors?

The Hard Facts

If you answered YES to all of these questions then great! You’re well on your way to being top dog in your area and industry and should be enjoying a wealthy stream of new customers to your business.

If you answered NO then it’s time to face the hard facts…

  • Only 2-4% of consumers will click below the first 3 search results
  • On average 93% of people will choose a result from the first page of Google
  • 61% of local online searches result in the purchase of a product or service

Fail in rankings and you send your customers straight to your competitors. Think about your own purchase making decisions, ask your partner or family and friends how they search and shop online. Do you keep looking if you can quickly and easily find what you want from a business that shows they understand their customer’s behaviour online? No. So why would any consumer?

No need to panic. Understanding both how vital and integral online search is to everyday modern life is the first step in beginning to signpost your customers’ journey from search to you without work or effort.

Image of dog holding ruler to represent analytics and measurement of digital tools

What is SEO?

In plain English, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the method of ensuring your website has the best possible chance of reaching the users that are looking for the content, products, articles, photos or videos that are on it. The job of these search engines is to find the most relevant, popular and up to date content it can which closely matches what a user entered into the search bar.

The best lesson I can teach you about SEO is that content is king. We could write pages and pages about how Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are constantly updating their complicated algorithms to make the search results relevant, but in all honesty, if your content is relevant, up to date, popular and easy for the search engines to read then you’re on the right tracks.

How we can help

The way we can help you by creating content that not only aims to entice and excite your customers into action, but is also delivered in a way search engines understand and respond to improve organic ranking through specifically targeted keywords. We ensure no stone is left unturned when finding out about your business, so that we can research your customer behaviour to develop an SEO strategy which will provide the biggest impact with your target market.

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