#demontip – doing video right can increase your online conversions

We’ve blogged before about the importance of telling your company story online and we’re at it again – because if you can get your brand and personality across, people are more likely to relate to you and want to buy from you. 

The most engaging of all content? The results speak for themselves…

  • Over two thirds of consumers say that videos give them a positive impression of a company
  • 77% of consumers believe that companies that showcase video content online are more engaged with their customers
  • It’s anticipated that online video traffic will account for 55% of all consumer internet traffic by 2016

Video, when done right, can work wonders. There is nothing more watchable, shareable, likable, tweetable or bloggable than a damn good piece of video content.

In 2013, 36% of online consumers shared a video they found online. So if you can tell your story with a cool and original piece of video mastery, you’re certainly onto a winner.

But video is just for the big guys, right?

You don’t have to be a massive enterprise with a media department and oodles of cash to get it right; creating a great video can be as simple as a camera phone and a good idea. We’ve talked about these guys before – at the time a relatively small and unknown business, Dollar Shave Club went viral in 2012 with their promotional video, ‘Our Blades Are F***ing Great’, because they found an engaging and hilarious way of telling their story and talking about their product – safe to say, their brand reputation and online sales went through the roof.

Dollar Shave Club took 12,000 orders for their subscription razor service in the first two days after their promotional video went viral. Wow.

Whether you’re looking to raise awareness, increase sales or just show off your brand personality, engaging video content can tick all the boxes.

96% of consumers find video helpful when making purchasing decisions online

A recent article by Econsultancy talked about the effectiveness of using video to aid potential customers when they hit the standstill of whether or not to make a purchase. Fashion brands ASOS and Boohoo are an excellent example of using video content to encourage visitors at the point of purchase. By adding a short, simple catwalk video to their product pages, customers can feel like they have front row seats to their own private runway, allowing them to see the movement and fit of clothing in a way images can’t communicate. Snippets of video like these can really makes a difference to reaffirm in consumers’ minds that this is the product for them with over half of consumers consider companies more trustworthy if they create video content.

You can see what we’re talking about below – and watch the video here.

That’s it. We’re buying it.

Catwalk videos have been labelled as one the greatest move forward in fashion retail and they represent just one of the many ways using video to showcase your products can help increase online conversions.

Video is great for your mobile audience

If you follow our blog, you’ll know we’re big advocates of thinking about your mobile audience – and video is great for this. On average, 76% of smartphone users will watch videos at least once a week on their phones and mobile and tablet users are three times more likely to view a video than a laptop or desktop user. It’s just so much easier to digest video content than to sift through page after page of text, pinching and swiping in and out of the screen just to get a clear view. If a lot of your customers will be visiting your website or social channels on a mobile device, then give them plenty of videos to watch.

Add a story and personality to your products and services

So what if you’ve got an innovative, new idea? Surely the product speaks for itself, right? Maybe. However, if there is something you want to convey about your shiny new product then video is a great way to do it and keep your audience’s attention for long enough that they start to see just how amazing it really is.

Tile is an example of how video can really help to tell the story about your brand.

Getting your video content right can really help to create a unique and engaging experience for your audience online.

In keeping with everything we’ve talked about, we created a short video to display at this year’s Food and Drink Expo in Birmingham…

Keep an eye out for more video content from us. And in the meantime, if you’re looking for other tips on eCommerce, please read our Gateway to Digital blog post.

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