Our visit to the Aircraft Commerce Conference, Heathrow with Bytron


A few weeks ago, Mediademon hung up their horns for a couple of days and swapped them for wings as we had the pleasure of attending the Aircraft Commerce Conference in Heathrow to help our aviation friends Bytron as they begin the launch of their newly branded product skybook aviation cloud.

We have been working closely with Bytron for some time now as they undergo a complete transformation in terms of their core message, marketing strategy and brand image.

To ensure Skybook got off to a flying start (ahem) we joined the sales team at their first conference since the rebrand to offer our support and help them push the message of their launch with confidence.

skybook flight crew

The conference was attended by aviation experts from all over the world from pilots to ground control to flight crew and we couldn’t wait to see all the hard work we’ve put into the product in action.

Simon Clayton, Director of Operations at Bytron said “Mediademon’s expertise has been invaluable as Bytron goes through this transition of repositioning and rebranding our Skybook product. Having their support at the conference really helped us to reign in our message and gave us confidence in our approach.”

After seeing the success and feedback from the UK launch Mediademon will now be helping Bytron as they prepare to launch their product on a global level. We just hope the next conference is in the Bahamas…