skybook aviation cloud receives a design and rebrand from Mediademon

We’re pleased to announce that we have just completed a rebranding project for one of our most important clients. Bytron Aviation Data Systems worked with us in relaunching one of their key software projects for the Aviation Industry – skybook Aviation Cloud.

The skybook service helps airlines organise their data for flight operations and crew so that it becomes of benefit to the whole organisation, typically this leads to a considerable reduction in operational workload and optimises internal processes.

skybook business cards

Although Skybook has been used by the aviation industry for over 20 years now, it has been constantly evolving to keep up with operational demands and also technological advancements in how data is stored and shared.

As skybook was already a widely recognised brand within the aviation industry, it was key to the rebrand to retain a certain level of familiarity but at the same time enhance the identity with a contemporary, dynamic look and feel.


The new brand, although still very new, has been applied to the usual corporate stationary and literature and exhibition assets. Bytron is attending the MRO & OPS IT Conference at Heathrow on 12th June and a soft launch of the new brand is being run during that week.

Simon Clayton, Operations Director of Bytron said “We are very pleased with the work Mediademon did with our skybook brand. We feel it strongly reflects the dynamic and reactive attributes of skybook Aviation Cloud. We’re particularly pleased with the work they’ve done on the skybook user interface. They’ve taken what is quite a complicated data delivery system and made it look great and very easy to use”.


Bytron also asked us to work with them on designing the User Interface for the skybook system. To ensure that the skybook aviation cloud service is at the forefront of the aviation industry the UI/UX design delivers a seamless transition between all client devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.


In support of the skybook rebrand we also designed and developed a microsite: